[Video] The horror of ‘microwaves x metal’

There may still be a lot we don’t know about the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves and microwaves on the human body.
The YouTube video below shows an experiment in which medical grade microwaves are applied to chicken breasts.
One side is just a chicken breast. In the other, a silver and aluminium accessory is placed on the breast and exposed to the microwaves.

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What happens when you put a medical microwave device on a chicken?
This is an experiment to see if you can cook chicken with a medical microwave (ultra-short wave) device. If you use a microwave therapy device on a patient, please be aware of the dangers and use it correctly.

As you can see in the image above, the breast meat was overheated when it was exposed to microwaves with aluminium and silver in contact.

There are trace amounts of heavy metals in the human body. They are also found in our food. The new corona vaccine made by Moderna in the US contained particles of stainless steel.

Even if it is difficult to see the harm to the human body from microwaves alone, what happens if there is metal in the blood vessels, mucous membranes, brain or internal organs, and you apply microwaves to it that the metal reacts to?

The blood vessels, mucous membranes, brain and internal organs that are in contact with the metal will be heated like breast meat and may never recover.

This is the horrible consequences of 'microwaves x metal’ for the human body.