【Super persistent!】 What are the causes of mass stalking crimes? How to solve it?

Overdone desires and obsessions

There are many people in the world who have become addicted to stalking and are unable to stop. There may be some people who are unable to stop. I would like to talk about how to solve this problem from the perspective of the Buddhist teaching of “Six Root Purity".

The six roots of purity are eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and will.

For example…

Spy photography, peeping and eavesdropping, and other stalking crimes are common. One of the reasons for this may be the excessive desire and attachment of the six roots.

In the case of spy photography and peeping, it is too much desire of the eyes, and in the case of eavesdropping, it is too much desire of the ears..

The desire to hurt or harm someone by stalking them. This can be called the wanderings and vexations of the will. Wanting to profit or be rewarded for crime. The desire to interfere.

It is the practice of six-root purification and the way to live as a human being to reflect on and purify these past desires, vexations, and attachments. I believe this is important for all people, no matter what their position or status. I would like to encourage you to learn and put into practice the teachings of the Six Root Cleanse as preached by the Buddha.

Eliminating unhappy relationships

Another cause may be insepaqraqble relaqtionship, or a rotten relationship.

For example, A and B have been committing group stalking crimes together for a long time.

One day, A wanted to get out of those crimes, but B invited him to join.

When A tried to refuse the invitation, B said, “The last time you invited me to commit a crime with you, didn’t you? I won’t let you say no." A insists. A has no choice but to say, “I don’t want to do it this time. A had no choice but to reluctantly join in the crime.

One day, B decides to get married and vows to stop all crime. But then A asks him to marry her. Naturally, B refuses, but then he says, “You were the one who first asked me to commit a crime. It’s your fault that I couldn’t quit even though I wanted to. I wanted to wash my feet, but I couldn’t stop.

It could be called “foot dragging. This is the kind of relationship that can be called “foot dragging," but it happens in many human relationships, including friends, family, work, religion, politics, and so on. There are some relationships that are hard to break off.

There is a teaching of Buddha “Walk alone like a rhinoceros horn". This means that it is good to walk together if you are in a relationship to do good for each other, but if you are not, you should just walk alone.

This teaching is preached in order to be born into a happy world in the next life. There are some relationships that are hard to break off, but in this case, we should take the plunge, break the bonds, and live a life that is truly for ourselves.

Buddha’s words: Rhinoceros horn

ブッダの言葉 1蛇の章 03 犀の角

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