Short Shorts “Satellites: The Light of God” | Yuichi Watanabe

Satellites: The Light of God

One day, Dr. R, a physicist, wondered if it would be possible to artificially create a light similar to that of God. He thought that if he could develop a special electromagnetic light device and apply it to himself, he might be able to become a being of light.

So, he created a special electromagnetic wave of light and tried it on himself. Then, to my surprise, I found out that I had some kind of psychic ability. I guess it is a kind of brain communication. I could make myself look like a god, make my voice sound like a god’s voice, and manipulate people at will. Dr. R thought, “If I put this electromagnetic device on a satellite and keep shining it at myself from space, this superpower will be mine until I die. He thought. He named the satellite “God’s Light".

The electromagnetic waves sent from the satellite “God’s Light" gave him a lifetime of uninterrupted psychic power. He tried to deceive many people by saying, “I am the light of God itself. His followers increased, money was raised, and even many women were at his beck and call. People were completely oblivious to the fact that Dr. R was being bathed in electromagnetic light, believing it to be the light of God itself.

Eventually, Dr. R, who had been deceiving people and doing as he pleased, came to the end of his life. People clasped their hands and shed tears as the light of God was leaving the earth. Dr. R said, “I had a good life, living in a big mansion with money collected from believers, eating feasts, having many lovers, and being free to spend whatever I wanted, including luxury cars, expensive clothes and watches. And after I return to the other world, I will shine as the light of God forever and manipulate people at will." With that thought, I closed my eyes quietly. At the end of his life, Dr. R’s soul left his body and returned to the special electromagnetic device on board the satellite Light of God.


“What will happen next?" This is the kind of ending that leaves me feeling a bit bewildered. It’s interesting to imagine all sorts of things, but perhaps Dr. R was not able to return to the place where humans are supposed to go. The development of science is always accompanied by side effects and problems. In order to solve these problems, or rather to prevent them from occurring, it is a prerequisite that humans handle science with reason. I hope that the time will not come when humans are treated by AI and other sciences.
Yuichi Watanabe


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